Experts in business processes.

Our team is made up of business process experts who come from the end customer and have made several digital transformations.

We are differentiated by our knowledge of real business, our specialization in Pega, our product orientation with which we can offer a differential service.

Customer life cycle management:

  • KYC
  • AML
  • GDPR

Contracting processes:

  • Mortgages
  • Loans
  • Cards
  • Money
  • Accounts
  • Plans
Experts in business processes.

Experts in PEGA, we have the best team.

We are a "boutique" company, we only work with the best because it is the only way to offer a differential quality service. All of our consultants are certified in Pega, business architects, systems, specialists in vertical Pega, such as financial services (Pega Client Lifecycle).

Professionals trained to take you to the top.

A track record of more than 20 years in training processes.

  • Teaching skills and experience.
  • Character and personality of the training process.
Experts in PEGA, we have the best team.

The interaction of people with processes.

The user experience is completely different in the digital world, so it is essential to know the needs of users so that a process redesign can be carried out that responds to their needs.

With the user experience in mind, the flow of operational activities can be redesigned so that processes run efficiently and the company can deliver value to the customer.

The interaction of people with processes.

We commit.

We accompany you on the most complex journey of digital transformation, the redesign of processes, a journey that begins but never really ends, because the world is in continuous transformation and therefore the processes as well.

We are not satisfied with excellently designed and executed projects, we are satisfied when our clients have achieved their objectives, reducing costs, increasing sales, improving the customer experience, improving back office efficiency, reducing fraud, ...

We commit.

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All customer life cycle management is integrated through unique omnichannel processes, from customer onboarding until the customer is no longer involved with the entity.

Always updated with current regulations, KYC, CRS-FATCA, AML, GDPR.

Allowing the monitoring and management of the client by all those involved, compliance, commercial network, marketing, cybersecurity, operations.

User experience fully adaptable to the needs of each entity.

Integrable with the entity's existing systems, customer databases, biometric, identification and signature systems, fraud systems, cybersecurity systems, etc ...

PEGA Client Lifecycle

procesos de negocios

We are increasingly faced with more complex business processes, with more actors interacting, internal and external to our organization (APIs), intelligent agents, intelligent things (IoT). We face longer processes in time, with structured parts (business process management) and others ad-hoc (case management). Processes that will have to make decisions automatically without renouncing human control when necessary and based on the business rules that we have established (Digital Decision Platform).
Robots that will help us to interact with legacy systems that are complicated to evolve (Robotic Process Automation) but that we will have to integrate into our processes.

Pega allows us to solve the most complex processes that are presented to us, orchestrating all our channels in real time, making decisions or facilitating the decision, integrating legacy systems through RPA, combining ad-hoc cases with structured processes and allowing us a rapid construction of our channels, native (ios, android) or web.

In addition to technology, we will need in-depth knowledge of business processes to address their redesign.

At Bwatr we tackle redesigns with professionals who are experts in business processes, UX experts and Pega experts.

From Human Workforce...

RPA consists of using “software robots” that mimic what a person would do when interacting with an application through the user interface.

Using this technology drastically reduces the times in the mechanization of processes that require interacting with legacy applications that only have a user interface as an input/output mechanism.

Rapid changes in business processes to compete in the market
Products Customers Sales Marketing
People bridge the gap between systems and processes
(Human Workforce)
Heterogeneous systems and legacies do not allow to evolve at the speed that the business requires
Custom development Mainframe Heterogeneity Digital Workforce

RPA allows us to bridge the gap that exists between the evolution that business processes need and the evolution that some old IT systems can provide.

When we design our processes, we will have to consider which systems can interact directly through service architectures with our processes, and which systems require RPA to cover the gap.

Rapid changes in business processes to compete in the market
Products Customers Sales Marketing
RPA bridges the gap between systems and processes
(Digital Workforce)
Heterogeneous systems and legacies do not allow to evolve at the speed that the business requires
Custom development Mainframe Heterogeneity

Training & Certification

Under the Upen Go brand, we help in the training of its clients and partners who require training in their technology for projects managed by consultants in Spain and Latin America.
Our objective is to guide the teams that are being trained to join the projects in the right way and obtain certification.
We use the same methods, methodologies and tools that PEGA requires for its own consultants, its clients and its partners.



BWatr is a company focused on optimizing business processes, helping companies transform processes and their organization.

We face the transformation of companies focusing on 3 axes:

  • Persons
  • Processes
  • Technology

Bwatr is formed by:

  • Business experts who come from the end customer, and we have actively participated in the digital transformation and the redesign of their processes.
  • UX experts, with extensive experience in process redesign.
  • Experts in Pega, architecture and development, CLM / KYC, RPA.

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